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Who We Are

We are an umbrella organization of Planters, having interest in Tea, Rubber, Cardamom and Coffee. We represent about 60% of the organized plantation sector in Kerala. The Six district planters Associations, three Commodity Growers Associations and one firm member are affiliated with us.

Association of Planters of Kerala took its birth in the year 1939 as ‘Association of Planters of Travancore’. With the dawn of independence of the Country and the formation of the new state of Kerala, on 27th September 1957, the association rechristened itself as ‘The Association of Planters of Kerala’.

Association of Planters of Kerala represents the interests of the plantation sector of Kerala before the State and Central Government agencies. The major objectives of the Association include:
1. To be a representative of the interest of the owners of Tea, Rubber, Coffee and Cardamom Estates.
2. To consider all questions connected with the various planting industries and to promote and protect in all parts of the world the interest of such industries.
3. To maintain harmonious industrial relations with all the stake holders of the plantation industry.

We are affiliated with the ‘United Planters Association of South India” (UPASI), which represents the interest of the State Planters Associations of Southern India viz. Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.


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